Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dear Mr. Postman

I am at work, anxiously waiting to go home to check my mail. This is an issue for many researchers :)

What am I waiting for specifically? I recently found out that a client's great grandmother was murdered in 1929. The poor woman was shot in the throat by persons unknown (according to her death certificate). I called the local library (usually an invaluable resource) to confirm that they got my check for some other documents that I had ordered (they have a copy of the obituary for another family member) and to ask what their local newspapers were. I explained what I had found and that I was looking for archived articles about the murder. The librarian told me that she had found the article when she was putting together my original mailing and she included it with the packet. She said that I will be surprised on who the murder was and that it was interesting. Now I am all antsy to get home to see if the package is there. I am also waiting on a marriage record from 1832 Smyth County VA.

Never underestimate talking with the librarian and reference librarian of the local library to your ancestor. You will be amazed on what they know and have in their posession.

Keep Smilin

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